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Services In-depth

Academic Organization and Strategy Assistance

Many issues in school, and home, are easily solved with a little more organization. Whatever It Takes works with students to increase their organizational habits. We will find the strategy that works best for the student. Respecting the student as an individual, and paying close attention to what makes them feel better is an important aspect of improving their ability to manage all of their “stuff”. Once students are better able to identify what goes where, and where it can be located later, grades are most often immediately improved. Whether the organizational strategies are needed at school, or they need to carry across to the home environment, let us help reduce the clutter and allow you to focus on the more important things in your life.

One-to-One tutoring

Offered in a full classroom on the premises, One-to-One tutoring allows our educators the opportunity to focus fully on the diverse needs of the even more diverse learners. Services provided vary as greatly as the need presented. Tutoring is offered on a schedule most conducive to learning; whether the student would benefit from hour-long sessions or half-hour sessions, those each are explored. Our educators know that our focus is doing Whatever it Takes to make that difference. Because needs vary so greatly, it is difficult to summarize them eloquently. Contact us to discuss, in greater detail, how we can help improve the learning process for you… or someone you love.

In-Home, Life Skills Training

Because Whatever It Takes was founded on the principal of supporting students in ALL facets of life, our educators are able and willing to meet you and your student in your home to teach basic life skills. Through Visual Schedules, Task Analysis, repetition, and much more, our educators use positive support to promote independent actions. Your student will receive feedback all along the way. As our training progresses, our feedback and interventions decrease. Eventually, your child is confident, independent, and successful. Life-skills training is something we all need; don’t wait! Set your appointment for life-skills/transition assessment today.


Through a truly collaborative process, we are willing to work with parents, caregivers, or whoever wants and/or needs help to establish an effective learning process for the student. We are willing to walk you through the process of finding “what works” and avoid what does not. Some times, all we need is a little guidance and some suggestion. Navigating through sound, research based practice can be a daunting task; it’s not something you have to do alone. At Whatever It Takes, we are here to support you the entire way. Consultations are offered in person, over the phone, or over multiple online communication formats (Skype, Facetime, GoogleChat, and more). This less intrusive method does not denote a less effective method. Let us know when we are able to taking this journey with you.

Resource Location

The Director of Whatever It Takes Educational Resources and Support has led a very unique, and most definitely blessed, path in pedagogy. Because of the work she has done and individuals with whom she has worked, she has been exposed to some very unique approaches and specialists. Whether you need help locating a curriculum that works, a specialist to further your knowledge, a camp to send your child, or even a place to volunteer, Karin is willing to assist you. If you are looking for something that does something about this or that, contact us, we will help you find what you are looking for.